Seasons of Change

Written by: Timothy Hicks

She mimicked the birds early morning tune
While everybody else still dreamt in their rooms
The air so crisp in the purplish twilight
Peeling open her eyes with a vig'rous bite!
She sought the dawning blooms adorned with dew
To let loose her rain, these moments brief and few
Beholding this site in eyes so esprit
She didn't miss her cotton bed in the least!

She walked and gazed a-midst the tall oak trees
Summer faded along with the emerald green
Didn't pine for it, she bid it farewell
Her breath was taken, coming out of her shell
In a tranquil state like nothing you've seen
She wasn't in love, but somewhere in between
Her mind was scattered like the raining leaves
Nature putting on it's coat of tangerine

Abreast the mountain, shines the blue river
And there crawls the many insects and critters
All the little pawprints, to here they led
She spotted the deer a-midst the browns and reds!
First a world of light now a land so strange
But warmly she embraced these seasons of change
Laughing, though the lab'rinths, slow to unfold
Forever a-dancing in these rows of gold!

In a red sleigh covered in blinding snow
She thought of the days so very long ago
Didn't pine for it, she bit it adieu
The lands glistening flakes were so very new
Laid angels 'cross the forest so pristine
As the winter chill glazed her skin like sunscreen
She wasn't on cloud nine, but somewhere near
Reflected off the ice; her smile crystal clear