When poverty strikes



Poverty is realised in the mother's womb

It dogs the poor till his tomb

Sucking the breast does not bring relief

Lack of food plays the mischief


The child cries for food

But many more mouths await in the same mood

Hunger is like a smouldering fire

To feed oneself is human's main desire


Luxuries are things that are far fetched

Fate brings only misery and pain to the wretched

Hardships in life make of kids thieves

Out of frustration many in vandalism find relief


To work for a decent salary is man's dream

Food, shelter and clothing hearts scream

Values and principles all fade out

The poor forgets that crime pays without doubt


Stealing for the empty stomach becomes their fate

For many life's goal is meal on a plate

Employment and jobs are hard to find

Destiny's wheels are designed only to grind