Written by: Dawn mclaughlin

Only to move forward,
Is to abandon the past
Forgive yourself of self blame
Breath deep inhale fresh pastures,
Enjoy your journey
With forgiveness and love
As karma says
What you give out
Good or bad
Expect the return back
While you are still growing
No matter what age
Tested in life in many ways,
Some have it easy smooth set
Then their are others not so bold,
Its not what you have
And sometimes not in giving,
As a kindness is treated as weakness,
Compassion respect caring of others,
With evil and jealous
Of some in mind
Always determined too see 
A want of something in return,
Why can't life be
Without just one sided
Want in return
for love is much stronger
Than ego and need,
Don't treat a person
How you you don't want to be
0bserve smile look all around,
Live love you that's a start.
Dawn Mclaughlin.