Paradise Island

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

The kids are gone! I'm retired!  I'm gonna take a long vacation!
To an island with sunny beaches - that's my ultimate destination!
I'll spend the days savorin' a climate of seventy-two degrees,
Snoozin' beneath the palms, cooled by an ocean breeze!

Each morn as I stretch and yawn to meet another gorgeous day,
A glorious sunrise greets me from across the shimmerin' bay!
I release the worries and frustrations from my languid soul,
As upon the beautiful, sandy strand I take my mornin' stroll!

'Tis soothin' to the ear as the surf floods the pristine beach.
Beyond that, there is heard only the terns' occasional screech.
Sandpipers and sidlin' crabs entertain me scurryin' about.
I watch a ship cross the aqua sea, plyin' its leisurely route!

'Tis relaxin' to sip a rum swizzle when another day is done,
And just sit back to enjoy the grandeur of the settin' sun!
Later, as tho' emergin' from the sea, rises a brilliant moon,
And romantic music serenades me from across the far lagoon!

I'll have a lobster dinner, then to bed 'cause its gittin' late,,
Or maybe a dip in the surf, but hold on a minute! Wait!
Glidin' across the moonlit beach, somethin' makes my old eyes gleam!
A bikini-clad beauty...! Alas, the missus pokes me shatterin' my dream!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved