My Morning Greetings To You

Written by: Leonora Galinta

once the sun greets the day with its glorious face I’ll run to you and give you my sweetest embrace giving you my warmest smiles and kiss on your cheeks hoping that it will bring happiness and give you a morning bliss once I see all the smiles on your very beautiful face I’ll run to your garden and pick three of those red roses giving you wholeheartedly with all my loving wishes may your day be filled with sunshine and God’s loving graces once I see the sunshine has completely brightened your face I’ll run to the altar and pray that happiness goes on ‘til all the days ahead giving you a rainbow to crown your life for all your deeds you are a very special person, far more precious than a gold or jade Feb. 9, 2013 12.10am
First Place Contest: PD Poems (any poem written or dedicated to me) Judged: 6/15/13 Sponsor; My greatest poet, friend & sis Linda First Place Contest: Any Poem Deidicated Judged: 1/11/14 Sponsor: My loving Poet Sis, PD Note: Good morning my dearest poetry sis & BFF of mine. I'm submitting this poem again. One of the poems I've written before which was lovingly dedicated to you. :))) I woke up so early today, Jan. 11.2014 'to take midnight meal:)). Once I arrived home yesterday after school I fall asleep & missed my dinner ;)). I hope you will love & enjoy again my morning greetings poem. Biggest hugs!