Written by: norman russell

Count not your Blessings in what you posess
True Love has a blessing that has no redress.
Your heart may be happy, or the tears may flow.
But true Love stays with you where ever you go.

It's comfort will guide you through all of lifes sorrow.
It's joy will continue with each tomorrow.
God gave us Love to cherish, not spurn,
And the richnes of love is what each of us yearn.

When True Love comes don't count the cost,
Just count your blessings that to you Love is not lost.
Hold on to that Love it's richness to treasure.
And peace in your Heart, you will find there forever.

Love's not for the old, it's not for the young.
Love has a melody that cannot be sung.
True love is for ever in every way,
True love is from meeting. Till Judgement Day.

                                                        NJR     03/08/13