La Vie En Rose

Written by: Therese Bacha

La Vie En Rose.
Today she is back to her past her body is ailing her entity 
to enter into her space of 40 years backwards when she was 
stunning every single day full of power energy love depth
imaginations dreaming day and night she was in love with a 
man younger than her just 5 years but her love for him made 
her feel and look much younger. 
Her whole existence mentally lived with him 24 hours after 
24 hours her dreams had no end her joy of having him to look 
forward to be with on the weekends made life feel its an eternal 
life of happiness .

She would leave her house daily at 8 AM to go to work being
the main sales person in one of the most elite boutiques for men. 
From  9 am to 8 pm she was surrounded by men some wanting 
to buy clothes others to have a coffee with her and the boss and 
other men wanting to take her out for dinners or anywhere just 
to be with her for a few minutes, to admire her beauty tall slim 
extremely elegant always wearing white and black beautiful make 
up green eyes small nose sexy lips and dark long black hair.

She was for years the talk of the town as her husbands family were 
very well known in her home town, and she had very busy night 
life with her husbands friends and receptions and going out to very 
expensive restaurants dancing never had time to take a sip from
her glass of wine. Living la vie on Rose.

How she wished she could have passed one day in life without being 
in pain having the audacity to leave her husband and run towards her
lover there was always fighting going on in her heart fighting to 
discover his love before hate fighting to gain her strength even at a 
young age to walk her through life with the unforeseen surprises in 
her life time coming path.

Today she was stabbed in her heart that is why now she is longing to 
depart far away for a new start to wash his betrayal away.  
She woke up crying today dreaming of May when she will travel into
the distance praying to visit her could stay till next month of May.

Awake ailing dreaming of watching the bay land on that ferry with no 
delay just to run anywhere persistently to discover a new day today. 
She woke up tormented living between grief or nothing she will take 
nothing having to write her story later on of going backwards 40 years.
She will leave her sorrow now for another tomorrow when she will 
borrow anyone to follow & lift her towards the ocean throw her to the 
waves in motion carry her away for a while. She will be back, as she 
never felt sorry for herself.

She will be Back Soon.
        Therese Bacha

Win No. 9