Im Thankful Im a WOMAN- Womans Day Celebration

Written by: Jade Celeste

I’m thankful that I’m a woman
With the power to beguile
With charm at my fingertips
And bewitchment in my smile

I’m proud to be a woman
Of genders the fairer one
With a silken soft beauty
And aura to match the sun

I’m glad to be a woman
Of creation the very best
The epitome of all the finest
By whom mankind was blessed

I revel in being a woman
Full of such delicate grace
The one to woo and dazzle
With passion etched on my face

I relish being a woman
For I’m able to dominate
To conquer and subdue
With one motion to subjugate

I celebrate being a woman
To have voluptuous curves
Not angular and muscled
But supple, with gentle swerves

I jubilate, for I’m a woman
Made as a help meet for man
To console and nurture him
Add my wisdom to his plan

Yes…oh yes, I am a woman
I know what I’m capable of
At times I am a tigress
At others a gentle dove

A woman is the essence
Of beauty and all that’s good
Men, I advise you to be careful
And treat them as you should

For women are little girls
Made of sugar and of spice
Now do be good little boys
If you want them to be nice!

YES, I’m thankful I’m a woman
I embody pleasure sweet
To be found in my presence
Is a never ending treat!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

OK men...take this with a grain of salt...C'mon! It is the International Women's Day. Show that woman in your life a little bit more love today, for where would you be without her! ;)