The Four Musketeers

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

There is a story of four musketeers 
French history would have you believe,
But no it’s not true they are Brits through and through
With a welsh lassies...but we will not grieve

It’s all for one and one for all 
Never one alone, will ever fall
The cry goes up and you can all hear
The other three will always be here.

Their swords are sharp their tongues are too
You can battle just one but never win two
Our weapons unique a pen or keyboard
Together the musketeers will never be floored

We have age and experience love and friendship
We cover our backs so the knife cannot slip
A tear cannot fall it will soon be wiped dry
And the four musketeers will never cause a sigh.

So raise up your sword arms and rally to the call
The four musketeers are gonna have a ball
We will patrol and protect all those in our clan
The four musketeers always stand up for their man

© ~GG~ 07/03/2013