Local Steakhouse

Written by: Russell Sivey

I sit down After eight hours of ordering And waiting on the customers I must relax From a day’s work waiting the tables That have been mine since I started Steak is my specialty So I tell my customers And the food here is excellent It’s not just a line It really is good here I worked fifty eight hours Just in one week And I get the normal overtime Just time and a half Not much considering All the extra work I do I help clean the tables I get the menus all set up together And I make sure the chairs Are all in their places I want my area to be in perfect shape So when the customers come They are impressed By how this place looks And start their pleasant stay At my steakhouse I greet, seat, and treat All the customers that come into this restaurant I tell each one The daily specials Which, in my opinion Aren’t worth the price we charge them But they order them anyway And with a smile I tell them thank you And I turn in the order I do this for each table Saying that I am so happy they came in And that I will take their order now I serve each customer as if they are family They appreciate this And I’ve seen many repeat customers That want to sit In my area They want me to be their waiter I easily approach them And lovingly take their order and serve them With the greatest of joy And when they leave It’s the tip that keeps me alive The work is alright But the tip is what keeps me working there I collect all of them for the fifty eight hours That I have worked there this week And I deposit them into my bank Where I must have the money To pay all my bills Life requires so much And I need this job To stay afloat I don’t know if I would ever be anything else This is my life And I am the waiter At the local steakhouse
Just a note, I've never been a waiter, this is purely a fictional observation. Entered into Catie Lindsey's "Free Verse Time Again" contest 3/7/2013