Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

Oh, Darling, put down that cup and paper,
dusk is calling us to the old porch swing,
come now, as the skyline gently tapers
towards Venus’s wink and Saturn’s rings. 

Oh, Darling, I know how the days blur
within the uproar of obligation,
life is confusing and we both concur
that lost moments demand navigation. 

Oh, Darling, I wish to sit by your side,
perhaps we will talk, perhaps just listen
to tender night wooing the moon, his bride,
as a vow of stars around her glisten. 

Oh, Darling, I want my hand in yours,
the silence we share, sweet serenity,
enough of the world, enough of these chores,
let us surrender to simplicity.

Oh, Darling, thank you for this perfection,
slowly we rock, tilt the heaven’s above,
I'm grateful for this lifelong affection,
the calm of trust and the balm of our love.