The Timeline

Written by: Teenage Frustrations

To be born and be a little miracle. 

To be one and be in the limelight.
To be two and an angel.
To be three and a little princess.
To be four and be a big girl.
To be five and love your mummy and daddy.
To be six and spoil rotten.
To be seven and making friends.
To be eight and making best-friends.
To be nine and leaving your imaginary friends behind.
To be ten and feeling more responsible.
To be eleven and know who you want to be.
To be twelve and happy in life.
To be thirteen and scared that your friends will leave you.
To be fourteen and struggling with your sexuality.
To be fifteen and sad that you lost all of your friends.
To be sixteen and struggling with all the important things.
To be seventeen and a disappointment.
To be eighteen and turn to alcohol.
To be nineteen and turn to drugs.
To be twenty and be depressed.
To be twenty-one and think about who you used to be.
To be twenty-two and cutting.
To be twenty-three not talking to your family.
To be twenty-four and jobless.
To be twenty-five and moneyless.
To be twenty-six and cutting too deep.
To be twenty-seven and dead