Snow prints

Written by: Jennifer Marie Oliver

I love when fresh snow 
tells its many tales,
nature on my walk. 
Small toes,animals 
Mark each tiny spot.

I wonder what made
The mark in the snow? 
They came so close,
Walked on my porch.
A print they left me.

Was it a kitty,
A tiny squirrel, 
A fox on the run? 
I must examine
Each print so distinct.

We're they hungry
Cold and wet,tired
Or just having fun
Running,romping there
Searching for some crumbs.

Was it warmer there
Under the wicker,
Couch on my front porch? 
Did it keep you warm?
The trails lead to there.

Some day I will copy
The marks in the snow.
I'm determined to
See what leaves patterns
I just want to know.