Written by: david scott

Sounds, of a dog that growls                                                                       
Sounds, like that of the unrest
Sounds, of a couples rows                                                                          
Sounds, that cause distress
Sounds, like stormy skies
Sounds, of thunder and rain
Sounds, we might not reconise
Sounds, is it pleasure or pain                                                                 
Sounds, that are malodic
Sounds, some times musical
Sounds, at time's are cahotic
Sounds, those one's awuful  
Sounds, of a perticuler moment                                                            
Sounds, some sad other's happy                     
Sounds, those that are reminisent
Sounds, all around you and me 

Written 2012 trying to mirror sights poem 
again following on from now and then thoughts feelings
with you without you poems ideas again this was inpierd by own exsperances
but also thinking of others on soup  and there writes and exspearaeces
plus this being more universal this and sights poem because 
every day life all round us written by my self davbid scott june july
2012 both sights and sounds  just reedited  little bit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,