Written by: david scott

Sights, that will always arouse
Sights, some we second guess
Sights, that raze your eye brows
Sights, that always have intrest

Sights, like those for sore eyes
Sights, some give you eye strain
Sights, leave you mesmerised
Sights, some we try to retain     
Sights like those that are historic  
Sights some are so memrorbale
Sights those that are photogenic
Sights some are just sensational

Sights, are not always that pleasent
Sights, can some times be sacry                                                                                   
Sights, some are just so evident                                                 
Sights, there's all so much to see                                                      
Written 2012 by myself david scott inspierd by                                                    
other soup members and own experances                                                         
over years following on from now and then                                                          
thoughts feelings with you with out you poems    

updated a bit better than befo