Amused and Unbuttoned

Written by: Ruby Honeytip

Our cards are on the table, 
All my Aces are face down, 
My Poker Face practised, perfect, 
In for a penny or a pound? 

Now the sweat beads at my temple, 
I've misused my Aces High, 
By sneaking one off the table, 
And pressing it to my thigh.

I am not a cheat by nature, 
I would win if I showed my hand, 
But unveiling what's deliciously hidden, 
Was always part of my plan.

You've got me where you want me, 
I unbutton and strip without pause, 
'A game well played' you whisper, 
'I'll show you mine, since you showed me yours'


© 2012 
Ruby Honeytip