Written by: Jacob Osae

They are feared by most countries
So leaders do well to protect their boundaries
They are messengers of fire and arms
After every victory its time for jams
They are always on the looking
Out for the resourceful and opulent nation
Because that’s their main assert
When it comes to their next target
They always invade a countries affairs
And control it in blackmail pairs
Leaders who prove to be obstinate
Are likely to see their citizens desolate
It’s not easy to escape them right
Because they can be knocking on your door at any time
Because of their ravaging deeds
They render most rival countries in screams
One of their most effective wagons
Is the ever powerful nuclear weapon
That can wipe-out whole city like New York
Rendering it in total air block
It is sad to know that
They are able to accomplish these acts
Mostly in their agents countries domain
Because of some amount they will gain
That’s the secret that keeps them rocking all day
I guess if not eradicated they will continue to stay
So let’s be on the look out for their signals 
Which they always use as a means of invading our countries portals