You Hate Me

Written by: Briana Lynn Minard-Adler

You don't care
For me, You
Never have,
You never believe on me,
I get betrayed
By you day by day,
I get hurt, I get
Burnt, I am hated
Everyday, I cannot
Deal with this any longer,
I hope you get shot,
I hope you hang yourself,
I hope you leave my mama
And me, and my brothers,
You don't love us anyway,
Just go away!
I wished I had a
Voodoo doll of you you,
That way I could
Torture you the way
You torture me.
You don't care
About anyone 
Besides yourself.
I don't clain
You as my dad,
My step-dad,
I claim you as
A man who 
Don't give a
Shit! I HATE
I was begging that
Someday you'd love
Me. It ain't gonna
Happen! I HATE YOU
Dedicated To: Ronald Robert Kirchmann Jr.
Briana Lynn Palmer