Don't look Back

Written by: Luke Irwin

I had some plans, I had some dreams, 
Not meant to be, or so it seems,

I’d make some cash, tuck it away,
But it did not work out that way,

I’d find a girl; we’d fall in love,
Wound up alone; push came to shove,

I’d have a friend; a place to lean,
People are cold, the streets are mean,

I’d find a place to call my own,
there is no place, I feel at home,

I had a smile, it did not last, 
My happy days are in the past,

Get me a rope, hung from the trees,
Watch my old life, twist in the breeze,

I’ll strike a match, burn it all down,
Find a new dream, in a new town,

There’s nothing here I need to pack,
Just start to walk and don’t look back