For Your Eyes Only

Written by: Mercy Soriano

Come walk with me I have something to show,
Close your eyes and I can't tell you where we'll go,
Do not peek because it might just ruin,
All I can say it's a special something.

Before you open your eyes I have something to ask,
It's not a trick question or some kind of task,
And by the way you bite your lips I know you're curious,
You're probably wondering if it's quite serious.

So while I get down on my knee upon this sand,
I promise not to let go of your shivering hand,
Keep you eyes closed no cheating please,
Just bare with me I know I tease.

So I guess my question is,
Oh wait I think there's something I missed,
Let me just find it just breathe for now,
I'm sorry I'm doing something I never knew how.

My question is 'Do you think you can open your eyes?'
Because I have here something for you I hope you wont despise,
And if you can't bare to talk just nod your head,
Or maybe an approving kiss instead.

Let me wipe what I hope are happy tears,
Please forget all your fears,
I am here whether you don't like it or you don't,
Because to leave your side I won't.

You are my psychedelic serendipity,
My crazy curiosity,
But just simply,
The only one for me.