love unkind

Written by: John Loving III

in our hearts we build a temple
and then we call it love
with sacrifice and sacred thoughts
we lift it high above
we feed the fantasy of our mind
with beauty and a hope to find
for the love we placed
above our divine
we also find can be unkind

to those not compared to the swan
those not desired but still wish on
those whose hearts belong to someone else
that possess the love we would have ourself
to those not given the gift of time
who death separates at the dawn of the find
to those that love simply ignores
that will never marry or be adored
to those forced just to pretend
the victims of kingdoms and family fortunes
to they to whom marriage was not a gift
a momentary pleasure a mere instant of bliss
to they who chased the illusion of love
whose wealth was the attraction and not true love

idols destroyed the temple we built
idols stole our sacrifice and defiled our worship
we feed the ones we hope to find
with our fondest love divine
but most of the time love was unkind
and show the secrets we try hard
not to find