Poetry Polaris -

Written by: Justin Bordner

I was a child of words,
they explained my laughter, sheltered my dreams,
gave soul and sunshine a synergy,
emotions could escape jovially, mischeviously, miraculously,
art from a wind pipe, architecture of innocence played on papyrus,
I discovered that I could lye with them to achieve absolvement,
I may lie with them to remember light in long trails of history,
poetry became my throne, my home, how my heart shown
somethng precious I could own,
from them I learned diversity of dangerous dialectics,
from them I may teach about candor and courage, 
about forgiveness flown wide,
a license from Divinity, a desire from death diging in doubts,
wise warriors may make the word sword from words,
defending their lifetimes with those weapons of intellectual warfare,
I chose Poetry because She rescued me from the philistines,
where I needed meaning She gave me begining
with an oath for us both,
going forth like students entering a cathedral worthy of new psalms
She was the water I touched my forehead with
I was Her reason for season, 
a whirlwind She could bless with a scream,
a man with poetics in my purpose and melody in mind,
She would shatter stars for my delight
and I will break my body for Her foresight,
for She is forthright,
and I am Her knight -