Pieces of Bounty

Written by: craig cornish

How it must have been, to watch the ship, 
as flames licked the sky in the bay,
and England, dear home, half a world away.
Now, flames are doused, as it sinks below the waves;
a sigh, a cheer,  a tear, for bittersweet  release;
the Bounty now at the bottom of the bay.

My young mind raced with these thoughts
as I carefully glued the final details onto the model.
There, spar and mast and sail were finished,
the HMS Bounty would sail once more!
I turned proudly to go downstairs, and time stood still
as it slipped from my hands and bounced down.

Pieces were strewn all around, and there,
the Bounty now at the bottom of the stairs…

March 6, 2013  For Susan's Pieces Contest