In its own time

Written by: Daniel Kisuule

The heart longs most of the time 
But it cannot get it all 
Not because it is the most impossible but it just cannot 
Not that it is an act of greed 
But it longs to be happy 
Not that it is out selfishness 
But a want, a desire that burns 
We all fight for what we need 
And it all sprouts from the heart 
Just as the flowers blossom out of their buds 
Just as the rose magnifies its beauty over time 
So does the urge burn in the heart 
Only for the mind to notice and react 
Not that all the desires are justifiable 
But the purest out of all matters the most 
We all have been there and suffer the melody 
Anxious for the cause and patient for the right 
Once upon a time it all begins 
And the end stamps the reality