The Locket

Written by: Shaundi Kane

"Time doesn't stand still the way our hearts do, when it locks onto a memory and suspends it, holding it, caressing it, gazing deeply into it and sucking at it gently hoping to savor again one last time, the sweetness of a time otherwise gone by and forgotten.

Bittersweet with a slice of heartache is all that comes to be now, when I linger there, amoung the shadows.  I often question why I stay so long, why I come back at all, what am I hoping to find?  The answer is forsaken and elusive, but no longer persistant, the call that used to be like a siren song is long become an echo, fading delicately like the waves that dissolve against the shoreline.

Love is like a mockery to our senses and the mind tries often to rationalize the ashes of that which can no longer be rekindled.

Stubbornly kept, selfishly hidden, like a treasure all its own, a part of you remains deeply embedded in that which will always be me.  Like neglected orphans we continue to dance under the moonbeam of innocence, lost among the tall grasses of an ebony field, our whispers reflecting off the water, our laughter entwinded within the grasp of tallest oaks thick branches, snared for a naked moment, before slipping away & fading amongst the diamond eyes of the never sky....

She smiles faintly as her fingers trace the silver chain that adorns her neck, remembering the memories deep within the chambers of the locket, far deeper than any faded photograph."