So kill me softly, a chloroform death,
Cover my face, ebb my hitched breath.
My heart explodes projectile pieces,
A body distorted with shards it releases.

You're my kryptonite, a resistance so weak,
The smearing mascara stains on teary cheek.
Glassy eyes emptily stare, love drained away,
Like the endearing words you loved to say.

Promises broken like my heart in two,
So kill my softly with everything you do.
Who will remember this cadaver on steel?
Rolling down the hall with a squeaky wheel.

Crusted gore dries on waxen pale wrist,
No one more pathetic could ever exist.
So kill me softly so I can swivel along,
Cause only fools pretend to be strong.

Encased in a morgue chilled metal drawer,
Cause your love was so worth dying for.
Digging up bones every night with disgust,
Dwelling on all the lies and mistrust.

Macabre memories endeavor to persist,
Contorting love with an intricate twist.
A perfect infringement committed I must say,
All crimes of passion have a hell to pay..

Plunging through defenses like an ice storm,
Spilling my blood that kept me warm.
No, you didn't wield the blade that took my life,
But your betrayal was sharper than any knife.

My chest exposed with vee incision protract,
Fragmented shards can't be stuffed back.
Sweep my glass heart under the rug when you go,
It's not prudent to let the evidence show.