Tax Decoder Ring

Written by: David Fisher

As we bring in spring the thing I mainly dread,
Is preparing overbearing taxes for the Feds.

If I had the power to empower anything,
I’d shower that power on a tax decoder ring.

This sure thing ring would sting right at the source,
Of our outmoded tax code that has strode off course.

Have you tried to pry that awry tax code of late?
It’s a crazy maze that takes days to navigate.

There are fleets of sheets that compete for chaos.
I’d say this, there’s more bliss in kissing an a**.

I’ll be damned buying logjams of programs galore,
Plus I weep since that heap’s not so cheap anymore.

There are mountains of accountants wanting your money,
But their inflated stated rates aren’t very funny.

Fed’s have misled and bled the profits from us fools.
It’s time to realign by denying old rules.

We’ll put uncommon common, back in common sense;
Saving dollars, in our jars, instead of just cents.

My decoder will reorder the disordered code,
To a simple flat tax that enacts a fair load.

There are seven levels of bedeviling rates
That ascend from ten percent to thirty eight.

Yet history shows, tax inflows to government
Do come to, since WWII, 18%.

If you earn a thousand or a thousand times that,
You pay the foreseen eighteen, and that will be that.

Then all payers will say they have skin in the game.
As the proportion per fortune will be the same.

The norm filling out the reformed form takes seconds
Just sign on the line that defines dues or refunds. 

No loopholes to patrol or breaks for anyone.
It’s an equal sequel to our Constitution.

So to all who fall under rich, medium, and poor,
Will never be favored by favors anymore.

A flat tax will attack the elite’s status quo
Though not a bettor, it better, coz I’m low on dough.