Written by: Donn Ronquillo

mild and fragile you were hidden,
unknown to the pain of rejection.
still new to the emotions of men,
untold feelings of reflection.
like unsung def tones never been heard;
with new deep meaning,
that could move and break even a tear.
an inspiration to the open eye,
soothing like a lullabye.
like a fairy tale never too old to tell;
too valuable to sell,
never to be priced,
free to be attached.
like a treasure that can't be bought,
it gives new sensation that can't be sold.
freely giving more choices to teh path you're taking in life,
so righteous in the sight of new light,
a dejavu managerie expression of the first time you ever fell.
trouble is I don't know when to stay down,
only love will tell...........!!!!
untold clear meaning of your emotions with no doubt.