Written by: Robert Ball

Remembering that all humans are bonded in brotherhood.
Man’s inhumanity to man is really spiritually misunderstood.
Man really forgets this’“Love” a special gift given to man that man really doesn’t get.
Our Father made all, knows all, He really loves His creations, but ordinances must be met.

Our Spiritual Father, (the key here is spiritual), is not carnal.
When He says, “Love thy neighbor,” He shows His love for all, His creations, His commands are spiritual.
Weeding out weeds from a patch of lilies, as weeds wilt away the lilies bloom in season.
The coming Kingdom of God is a slim path, The Father’s family is to love, and that is God’s reason.

The spawn of the terrible weeds multiplies quickly and can overrun a garden. A good pasture.
God’s Kingdom which will soon come produces a loving garden, a different paradise, no more sorrows, no more wars, and no more killing cultures.
Spiritually brethren remember to fear God, because He’s holding you the flower or the weed, and you only to account.
Worldly carnal man still hasn’t figured out that tiniest of things’ only huge in thought; fearing, loving, the “Word” only God is for you and your salvation, make your spiritual walk truly spiritually count.