I Believe in What

Written by: Ella Marley

I believe in dirty spanish dictionaries
Anything out of the ordinary
Drumming on trashcans
Drumming on anything I can
Signing treaties filled with lies
Measuring a woman by the amount of guys
Trying to look pretty but usually to fail
Putting on makeup to no avail
Spending too much money at dunkin donuts
Drinking too much coffee and driving people nuts
Writing free verse poetry for no reason
Not returning to school next season
Staring at my led zeppelin poster when I’m really high
Trying to let my creativity flow
One nonstop train of thought trying to let go
Making friends and not knowing if their real
Emulating emotions but I’m not sure if that’s how I feel
Writing lines hoping for genius and inspiration
Disgusted by desperation, determination, inflation, education
I believe in these maybe, maybe not, maybe not at all
That’s all.