they found love

Written by: xao tian

True love
Love was absent when they first met
He was really huge and daunting, one to fret
That time, she’s single cause she’s hard to get
Yet they were perfect, my life I did bet!

She said he’s handsome, one of a kind
For me he’s scary, maybe she’s just blind
By then, they were in love, so I didn’t mind
A love so great, only in their eyes you’ll find.

I thought they’re all the same, I didn’t see
How wonderful some select guys could be
He defended her from her envious enemy
fairytale love story, theirs is a real-life epitome. 

This is definitely not my story, I’m just narrating
I just want to share a tale that’s so inviting!
This is my best friend’s saga, no, I’m just joking…
Not a saga, just a relationship where love is emanating.

They have been to countless different trials
They’ve been sharing differences and denials
I know all these, cause my precious number she dials
When she’s lost, I serve as her negative aura’s vial.

Despite their differences, their love still outstands
Though their love is complicated, everyone understands
One look, and you’ll feel them when they are holding hands
They are committed; theirs is one of the strongest bonds!