With a Waft of Lorka

Written by: Bozhidar Pangelov

When I come back, Belen,
 the moon will be whole.

 I’ll jump over the fence,
 in front of the door I’ll stand
 with my heart in hands. 
 Mad heart, mad heart
 at the night for burning.
 You will go out, Belen,
 will you go out,
 my skin is white,
 the eyes are black.
 My horse is beating hooves
 in the flint. Let it beat.
 A wave is beating into the shore.
 Let it beat.
 Three hundred people are crying.
 Will three hundred people cry
 for my blood red.
 Mad heart, mad heart
 at the night burnt.

 I’ll be back, Belen.
 And let nobody knows me!