I don't even write no more

Written by: Lancelot Hill

I don’t even write no more
Instead all I do is fight, I fight in the morning
I fight at night sometimes even in broad day light 

I fight in my thoughts; I fight in my heart
I fight who I am; who I became was cause I fought who I was

My emotions sets flight, flying high
Facial expression describes sentiments never uttered
I strike a question and yes I pose an answer  

Oh wait…………… why is so quite? It seems that the….the….
The fighting stopped. I do a dip stick check 
Thoughts all quite, heart beat steady, spirit high, emotions balanced
Who are you, are you me – what the heck 

I am so use to fighting it even affected my writing
The war is over that’s why there is nothing to write 
I found inner peace, oh man it’s such a delight

Is it now the end, no of cause not for never will I ever stop to write 
That was merely the end of a measly chapter 
The book is far from over …right?
The words of my life will be of its reader, the captor.

Lancelot Hill