The greenfelt jungle

Written by: Kurt Kohls

The pool hall was dimly lit
smelling of cigarettes and money
the regulars are telling their stale jokes
none of them very funny
over the next several hours
the greenfelt jungle will have many stories to tell
some will be about great shots
others about wifes giving them hell

Pictures of famous players
hang crooked
on a wall near the back
stuck in a cheap frame and frozen in time
a black and white glossy of minnesota fats
wearing a pinstripe suit
and a freshly cut rose
he's pictured with a handfull of hundreds
from an unknowing sucker i suppose

As closing time nears
tables get brushed and floors get cleaned
the attendant hangs up the sticks
and unplugs the pinball machines
but in the wee hours of the morning
after everyone has left
the attendant practices...he's getting better
wanting to be the best
but for now things remain neutral
in the land of felt and money
the regulars will check in around nine
and the hustlers looking to make some money