Musical World

Written by: Dalton A. J. Hunkler

This world was created, by talent of musical means
The world now a musical one, music listened to by teens.
Each one of us has a taste, for this musical love
Slightly listening to music, watching the notes fly above.

Now hearing his or her voice, dozing off into a trance
Asleep from the melody, this music I will enhance.
Whether it’s the genres, rhythm, or even the efficient beat
You must like some form, listening in depth to repeat.

The beautiful tunes meaning, behind the blinding eye
To this tune that is clear, for this blinding eye can not die.
An eye that’s blind is one that learns to clearly hear
Listening to hear well, is the way of musical life’s ear.

This music is now rushing, faster than the speed of light
Hearing until no end, even heard higher than musical height.
A deaf person is someone that can’t hear, but still listens well
He listens through music vibrations, even hearing the silent bell. 

Music is made of vibrations, sounds put together
Sounds are musical notes, now here for the better.
These notes were created, to make up a harmony
Our ears listen well, listening to it beautifully.

This world that coexists, why must it be hidden
For the common man, he said ‘good-ridden’.
Of this musical world, what is your thought
For you that can not listen, to you is this a lot?