Perfect Pearl for contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

I am a beautiful freshwater pearl
An oyster wasn’t my mum
I was developed by a special mussel*
With a name as long as your arm

My home was in a Scottish river
Fast flowing with salmon aboard
In the River Tay fishes hither and dither
I am displayed now and much admired

I am Abernathy Pearl** you see
Spherical shape I am perfection
No other pearl matches up to me
Desired without exception.

My nickname is The Little Willie Pearl 
Named after the man who found me
Bill Abernathy is his name a pearl diver 
His fame will go down in history

There is a new rule now in Scotland
Pearl fishing is no longer allowed
So my perfection will never be ousted
For this I make Scotland proud.

•	Unionoidae mussel species Margaritifera margaritifera 

** Nicknamed "The Little Willie Pearl", this freshwater pearl was found in the River Tay in 1967 and is considered the most perfect pearl ever discovered in Scotland. It was discovered by a professional pearl diver named Bill Abernathy, who gave the pearl both it official name and nickname. It rested in a jewellery store in Carincross for nearly thirty years until it was sold in 1992.