Confessions Of A Liturgist

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

Periodically, I'm called upon to be the liturgist for the Sunday service.
'Tis an honor, but tho' I've done it often, I'm still somewhat nervous!
Seems each time I'm tapped by the Pastor for this dubious role,
He selects Scripture with names that off my tongue don't easily roll!

Oh, I can handle announcing hymns and the collection with no angst at all.
The Prayer of Confession and Responsive Call to Worship are an easy call.
I ain't no Billy Graham or John Calvin and ain't schooled in such things,
But I manage to muddle thro' such passages with the message that it brings!

I'm comfortable rattling off simple names like Matthew, John and James,
And Peter, Judas, Thomas, Andrew and Philip, the more common names.
But Lord have mercy!  Spare me names like Akkub, Kelita and Maaseiah,
Shabbethai, Jozabad, Pelaiah, Hodiah, Azariah, Sherebiah and Nehemiah!

I can easily elide over names like Moses, Jesus, Ezra, Adam and Daniel,
And such tags as Jonah, Ruth, Mary, Samson and the Prophet Samuel!
But tongue-twisters like Elimelech, Amminadab and a lady name Peninnah,
Leave me sputtering and blubbering (and I almost forgot a guy called Elkanah!)

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved