Bathful of thoughts

Written by: Seren Roberts

After a trying day, I find
That a dip in the realms of poetrysoup
Is like a warm bath with bubbles around
So relaxing,, so reviving of the mind - 
Firstly I soap myself with words of others
Rinsing them off with a comment or two
Then I lie contented in a bathful of thoughts
Till it’s time to wrap myself in what I write too -
So IPad in hand I start to write
The words flow like ice cream on a warm night
Dare not stop to think, just write what comes next
For an aperitif, I read the words out loud to find
A glassful of Oh My’s follow the text
As I peruse the words that flowed so easily
Have to shell a few sentences along the way
The walnuts of knowledge sometimes go awry
I look at my effort, think hmm maybe yes ok
Can post this in poetrysoup wait for their says
See if this evening of laziness was what was required
That my walk in the words of poetry relaxed my brain.
In my bed, poetry free, now it’s time to start again