a man I once knew

Written by: cory long

Walk in and there you are As a picture hanging upon the wall Speechless and not knowing what to say. Our eyes connected and memories came back again. With every memory a tear was cried And another piece of me died. I know you are better off living amongst the stars As an angel protecting us now. I can’t help to think about all you sacrificed for a kid who was not yours. You taught me how to write my name and tie my shoes. You tucked me in at night and kissed my forehead before school. You were the chef of my world And you showed me how to be one too. I learned how to swim thanks to your kindness You invested time and energy into being a father to me. You took it upon yourself to teach me right from wrong And you were there to pick me up when I fell. I came first in your life And always knew I could come home anytime. You could have walked out on me at any point instead you rearranged your life and gave me a home. Sitting in the chair tonight is when I realized you were gone. Watching all the faces of sorrow and emptiness When a hand touched my shoulder and said, “Remember all the memories you get to keep.” She walked off and a smile crossed my face our memories made me who I am today. There is no more calling to say hi Instead prayer is our only communication now. There is no more stopping by the house to see your smile. Now I have to look to the stars for that twinkle. Now a picture hangs on the wall surrounded in memories and years of love.
~RIP Matt 1-26-54-2-22-2013~