circle gets the square

Written by: Joseph May

 A  is for algebra, where numbers are represented by letters
 B  is for base, a base ten number  system is much better

 C  is for circle, it goes round and round
 D  is for degree, in a circle, 360 are found

 E  is for equation, an assertion of the equality of two expressions
 F  is for fraction, it's the ratio of two expressions

 G  is for graph, a diagram showing the relationship betwen two numbers
 H  is for hypotenuse, a triangle's longest side, easy to remember

 I   is for integer, positive or negative numbers that are whole
 J  is for justification,  proof of a solution, so  I'm told

 K  is for kilometer, that's almost a mile
 L  is for line, it has one dimension and can go on for a while

 M  is for median, the most common value in a group
 N  is for numerator, its the top number in a fraction, like a hoop

 O  is for octagon,  the number of sides are eight
 P  is for pentagon, it has five sides  and that's great

 Q  is for quotient, the result of a division
 R  is for ratio, the relationship between two expressions

 S  is for square, with equal sides of four
 T  is for triangle, it has three sides, no more

U is for unit, a standardized quantity
V   is for volume, the quantity of a three dimensional entity

W is for whole number of which there are a lot
X is for x- axis, the horizontal axis for  coordinates , a plot

Y  is for y- axis, the vertical axis  a coordinate system brings
 Z  is for zero , it's not  even one thing

We talked about fractions. circles, and squares
Next, we'll explore lions,  tigers,  and bears