Beyond Infinity

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I sit
Alone in the dark
The finite contemplating the infinite 
My mind travels to the stars
Innumberal planets and moons
My World no longer feels so large
It is less than a speck of dust
I travel further
Beyond the stars
To space without end
No beginning no end
Even this void is not enough to hold my God
I look to the microscopic
He also resides in the small
We have only begun to see
The details the intricacies of him
The universes within all worlds
Molecules, atoms, electrons and DNA
His signature pointing the way
It should increase our faith
Nothing came from time and chance
Here I am the finite
Watching the sun rise
Thankful for another day
I know through Jesus I will become infinite
Limitations will be removed
In the future he will help me understand
For now I am thankful for today