what ever happens, happens for the best

Written by: NANCY CHAWLA

Why does it happen that we lose it when , 
we need it the most,

It is difficult to regain, what we have 
actually lost..,
The situation becomes so unpredictable,
That we arent actually able,
To gather the reasons For it,
And we bear the loss every bit, 

It becomes even worse when it can't be 
The inner feelings we experience
makes us scared, 
We ponder over the situation
And try concluding our tension
With any silly explanation, 
But this is just to curb our depression, 

Our mind keeps working constantly, 
We aren't able to set freely, 
As certain things affect us deeply.!
Oh Lord! 
I wish to get the answers to my queries, 
As there are million issues my heart 
Did it happen bcoz I was being bad to 
some one,?
Did it happen bcoz u wanted my troubles 
to shun,?
Was it actually my fate?
Was it fixed to occur on this date? 
I do not know how to forget? 
I believe in one thing
"Whatever happens, happens for the best"