My Tinkerbell

Written by: Leila Mijares

I first saw you sitting on that flower
My heart won't stop it's beating faster 
When you look at me I melt like a candle
Your smile so inviting, I went out of control

So bewitched by your misty eyes
Your hair dazzled like Stars in the sky
You have possessed a youthful beauty
You are like a firefly shines brightly 

That red lips I longed to be kissed
Imagine, you are the one I have wished
Like that pink flower you are so beautiful
With those glitters you shine and sparkle

Your looks speak louder than words
I felt like I was struck by many swords
You touched my face, I was spinning round
I opened my eyes you couldn't be found 

I went crazy couldn't get my eyes off you
I'm so in love please say the same way too
You are the one, will you be mine?
Please say yes it would be very fine

Behind that beauty lies a mystery
I have to admit you're just a fantasy
So enchanted, I love you little thing
You're so lovely so as your pink wing

By: Leila Mijares
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