beware people

Written by: Savannah McFarland

Beware the people who clench their fists 
in rage, for they are the ones who set 
the stage.
Beware the people silent and thoughtful 
with a hint of need, for what they need 
cannot be given. Only taken.
Beware the people who smile at your 
back, for that is where they plan to 
Beware the people who come in need 
and take with much greed.
Beware those, most of all, who smile to 
your face and hide in the dark without 
trace. For they are the ones that put on 
the best show. The ones that bend 
farther, farther, and farther still. They 
are the ones that are about to break. 
And when they snap they lose it all, but 
they never break. They're afraid to fall. 
For who would catch something bent and 
splintered? Who could break through 
their wall? No one. Only they can reach 
themselves. Only they can say 'I want to 
leave this fake smile, this dark place.' 
Only they.
So beware people, they are needy and 
want to be loved. They want to be seen 
as a friend, not foe. But who would want 
to friend someone with a wall ten stories 
tall? Who can reach that high?