My Cyber Friend

Written by: Judy Konos

I met him somewhere in cyber and our lives began to share
The things we had in common that whisk us everywhere
He was probably the greatest poet that I had ever read
His "gift" entwined so deeply, thought woven in his head

Slowly passed the years as we fastened our beliefs
Steadfast to each other through the joy and the grief
This team we'd formed fought hard and long 
Defending the lesser to make them strong

Nothing would ever stop us, then "suddenly" he was gone
Saying "I don't know you, "  Was I possibly a pawn?
Never had I this heart break in my contented life,
Not even as a mother nor as a faithful wife

I choked on spit that followed, determined to forget
Without my cyber friend, I would make it past regret
Today he came back and my heart stopped to read
Perhaps what we learned is simply to ....."Believe"