Written by: Joyce Johnson

How many lovers stand tonight
Beneath the moon's bright ray
And sigh and whisper loving words
And plan their wedding day?

The harvest moon is full tonight 
And just as brightly beams
As when we last sat under it
And shared our cherished dreams.

My head was on your shoulder,
Your arm around my waist.
Our blissful future stretched ahead.
This but a sweet foretaste.

I gaze upon. the moon tonight,
Alone and feeling sad,
But I would not exchange them,
Those happy years we had.

Our love for one another
Like an old familiar tune,
Comes back to haunt my memory,
Bewitched there by the moon.

A love that's true is worth the while,
Though ending much too soon.
I close my eyes and you're still here,
Beside me 'neath the moon.