A Great Day

Written by: craig cornish

The seaweed gathered on the shore
tangled in the stones with broken shells
and pieces of glass, polished smooth.
A crab, waiting for the tide, scampered
to a safe corner of a small pool to hide
and peeked to see if I was moving on.
I carefully stepped from stone to stone;
a young boy hopped quickly by
and I thought of those…less cautious days,
as I planned the six more steps
that lead to the safety of the sand;
where, in the summer, blankets and towels
cover the beach like an eclectic quilt.
There, smiling, I recalled those times years ago
when the hectic busy days of midsummer here
made winter fly with anticipation, but,
on this October morn, I find peace in this near solitude,
and as a retreating wave washes sand
from beneath my feet, I’m glad for all of life.
Those days of Led Zep and the Doors
to these of jazz, blues, and Sinatra.
Mostly though, I'm glad for this day, the greatest of all,
as tomorrow and the next will be.
I skipped a stone into the surf
and turned to walk toward the sea wall.
Perhaps I’ll come again tomorrow
before winter makes me wait till spring.

March 2, 2013