The Editing of Me

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

My words rewritten
Until they become yours
Grammar syntax
Pages lined with highlighters
Polished to extinction 

I will resist
Intentions that are well ment
You want the best for me
Still you do not understand what I ask
I hear you yet I have my own vision
My way is not your way
Still I say what I must say
My rythm is unique to me
I am in what seems the disconnected details
I do make my point
I say what I say
My words have weight and substance
Like a road sign I point in a direction
You see curves in the road
The direction seems unclear
There are points of intrest along the way
I do have structure
My mind is clear
I am okay with flaws
They hold the essence of me
I am not asking to be changed
In the end I must be true to me