Written by: Sallam Yassin

 Africa the song of the time
You blessed
In every turn
Every time
Your bless to huddle
All the time
As your drums
Daintily play for the soul
As granted holder
You Africa
For the hope
Africa your beauty
On the face
The bounty of the earth
I belong to her
She belong to heart
And the love is all what repaint
If there's heaven
on the earth 
oh then mother
Africa is you
No matter west
No matter east
No matter north
Or the south
In wholeness
Yours mine
From top to toe
Africa you heartily
sacred hub
For the peace
And that ought to be
To please
Africa in my heart
Africa is my home
We must unite
Let to put in sum
what we have
And then the sun
Let to shine
In all Africa
Let we take the lead
As we deserve