You Are My Light Across The Horizon

Written by: anne p. murray

You are hiding in my heart, my thoughts, my dreams 
A sweetly, scented secret 
Like waiting for the bud of a rose to bloom 
Clouding my vision with your scent lingering sweetly around me 
Holding me vigilant in soft, bewitching spells  
Although I know not what, or who you are 
I feel your very essence in the air 
With a thrist in need of  quenching... 
Desires needing your warm embrace 
The tender touch of your fingers on my skin 
The warmth of your lips on my cheek 
Longingly searching for eyes that shine 
For life giving waters to bathe my heart - my soul 
Patiently waiting for your return 
With every part of me breathing in the essence of you ... 
That still lingers so sweetly in the air 
Just a thought am I without you 
Floating aimlessly... 
On the tender tendrils of time and antiquity 
Waiting for your soft spoken words 
To paint eternal stars in my heart 
Waking my soul with twinkling, dusted rays of moonlite